The Top 5 Reasons the Residents Choose to Train at Fort Wayne Family Medicine Residency


1)  Very Supportive, Friendly, and Professional Faculty & Staff

2)  Unopposed, Community-Based Program with Full Spectrum Family Medicine Training

3)  Extensive Procedural Training Opportunities

4)  Solid Obstetrical Experience Available

5)  Excellent Salary and Benefit Package


Here's what our our residents had to say when asked why they chose Fort Wayne Family Medicine Residency:


“Strong training in full-spectrum Family Medicine.”

“Great city to raise my family in.”

“Fort Wayne is a hub of the Midwest, allowing you to travel to several major cities in just a short drive.”

“Diverse patient population equips physicians for every setting.”

“Robust city within a Family Medicine friendly region.”

“The residency program has a great reputation for training exceptional Family Medicine physician.”

“I love the academic resources available.”

“The faculty are challenging but kind.”

“One on one interaction with subspecialties.”

“Faculty’s desire for continued improvement.”

“Everyone involved with the program is amazingly supportive and welcoming.”

“Strong curriculum that can be tailored to particular interests.”

“Good hospitals - complete with a tree elevator and a gelato bar!"


"Amazing support! FWMEP likes their residents and treats them well.”


Why fort wayne?   

Indiana has one of the highest annual average wages for physicians and was named "Best place to raise a family." 


Why Fort Wayne?

Reasons to choose Fort Wayne

Female doctor in pink scrubs and young girl patient

A Great Place to Train

Due to its size, Fort Wayne gives you exposure to a large number of patients and a wide variety of clinical pathology. The program is unopposed, giving you first access to patients without competing with other residents. With over 1000 patient beds, our program is one of the largest family medicine residencies in the U.S. You will also have access to the latest in medical technology, including the most modern CT and MRI scanners, and numerous specialists to assist in your training. Fort Wayne has the only heart transplant center and the largest pediatric hospital wing north of Indianapolis.

A Great Place to Learn

As a family physician, you will be respected here. Fort Wayne values its family physicians and treats them accordingly. Such an environment provides residents excellent opportunities and experiences.

Northeastern Indiana remains one of the best areas to practice medicine in the country. The local medical association is very active in promoting physician issues and in keeping the medical community united. In addition, malpractice costs remain among the lowest in the nation, and managed care limited. So, in general, physicians (and residents) have more autonomy and higher compensation compared to other locations

*A cap on total damages awarded in medical malpractice cases keeps premiums down. Indiana is also one of only eight states that maintains a Patient Compensation Fund, which pays malpractice damage awards above a physician’s personal limits, making losses more predictable. All malpractice cases must first pass a review board, which includes physicians on its panel.

† Managed care controls only about 20 percent of the Fort Wayne market.

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Downtown Fort Wayne clock

A Great Place to call home

Fort Wayne is a very friendly city that is big enough to include lots of things to do, yet small enough to avoid that “big city” feeling. The cost of housing is much lower than the national average. You will have access to all the shopping, restaurants, parks, etc. that you want without fighting gridlock traffic or worrying about your safety. Fort Wayne includes lots of green space and is close to several major cities and attractions.