Research & Scholarly Activity at FWMEP

At FWMEP scholarly activity is an integral part of clinical training for residents.  Through these activities residents help to advance the practice of medicine and improve patient care.  Projects are encouraged to be community-based, interprofessional, and directed at improving the health of the Fort Wayne population, especially the vulnerable and underserved.  Research Teams include Residents, FWMEP Faculty, and interprofessionals from our community. FWMEP provides support for statistical assistance and travel for presentations. Brian Henriksen, PhD, Director, Research and Scholarly Activity works closely with residents on all phases of their projects.



Research Awards 



1st Place IAFP Original Research - Dr. David Furman - “The effect of resident-as-teacher education with layered learning intervention to improve first-year resident physician integration to the clinical setting”

2nd Place IAFP Original Research - Dr. Mubeen Khan and Dr. Joseph Perkins  - “Opioid Pain Medication after Cesarean Section: Are We Over or Under Prescribing.”

1st Place IAFP Posters - Dr. Anna Menze “Shifting trends in childhood obesity: The effects of educational group visits on body image, activity levels, and healthy lifestyle in youth.” 

2nd place IAFP Quality Improvement - Dr. Megan Lemon - “Colorectal Screening: A Quality Improvement Project.” 



1st Place IAFP Original Research – Dr. Braden Parmer and Dr. Trever VanderHorst -  Traditional Pediatric Vision Screening Versus Vision Screening Using the Welch Allyn Spot™ Vision Screener.  

2nd Place IAFP Original Research – Dr. Chris Brubaker and Dr. David Murphy -  A Retrospective Analysis of Overdose Deaths in Allen County.  

1st Place IAFP Posters – Dr. Manju Kanikunnel and Dr. Syed Hasan - Interventions to Reduce High Risk Medication Use in the Geriatric Population.  

2nd Place IAFP Posters – Dr. Drew Hosier - Does Access to Primary Care Physicians Impact Health Outcomes?  Indiana County by County Assessment.



Publications and Chapters


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National Podium Presentations


Eigner G., Giffen, M., Tatara, C., , Sanders, J., Hauter, S., Henriksen, B., McMahan, D.  Determining the Role Physicians Play in Drug Poisonings.  NAPCRG 2018 Annual Meeting.

Dawson A., Henriksen B. Concomitant Guideline Implementation in Standardized Office Workflows and Appointment Types. NAPCRG 2018 Annual Meeting.

Mullen, K., Dawson, A., Henriksen, B., Duncan, N. O’Brien, D., Meier, E.  A Step on the Path to Building a Novel Transition Program: Online Learning Modules Increase Family Medicine Residents' Knowledge about Hydroxyurea and Comprehensive Care Of Adolescents And Young Adults with Sickle Cell Disease but Not Transition Best Practices. The American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology. 2018 ASPHO Conference.

Furman, D., Henriksen, B., Hoffman, L., Waterson, Z. The Effect of Resident-as-Teacher Education with Layered Learning Intervention to Improve First-Year Resident Physicians Integration to the Clinical Setting.

Waterson, Z.  New Program Accreditation. American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Residency Program Solutions (RPS) Accreditation Workshop. Kansas City, MO. March 24, 2018 (National)

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Musgrave, H. Evaluate the Pros and Cons of Screening Tools: Panacea or Pandora’s Box. The 7th Annual Leadership Summit on Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care Models. Orlando, FL. 2018.