Fort Wayne Family Medicine Center 

The residency's Family Medicine Center is an integral part of our total education program. Located in an attractive medical office complex, the Center functions much like a large family medicine group.

First year residents see patients two half-days per week.

Second year residents see patients three half-days per week.

Third year residents see patients four half-days per week.

The Center has 21,000 - 23,000 patient contacts per year.

There are 24 exam rooms and 4 procedure rooms in the Center. Special resources in the Center include availability of mental health faculty, nurse educators, Certified Diabetes Educator, and an excellent Patient Education resource center.

Three doctors 

Regional Associate Hospitals

Adams Memorial Hospital, Decatur, Indiana

DeKalb Health, Auburn, Indiana

Parkview Huntington Hospital, Huntington, Indiana

Parkview Noble Hospital, Kendallville, Indiana

Parkview Whitley Hospital, Columbia City, Indiana