The Indiana Academy of Family Physicians (IAFP) 2014-2015

The Indiana Academy of Family Physicians (IAFP) hosts a yearly Research Day for Residents and Faculty to present their research/scholarly activity projects.  All Indiana Family Residency Programs are invited to participate in this competitive event that showcases both podium and poster presentations.  In 2015 the IAFP Research Day took place on May 7th in Indianapolis and was attended by over 140 family medicine residents and faculty from across the state. Attendees heard Original Research, Performance Improvement, and Case Presentations; awards and cash prizes were given at the end of the day.  FWMEP had a total of 7 projects presented (4 podium and 3 poster) and had the largest number of podium presentations of the Residency programs attending. FWMEP is proud to announce awards in Original Research.


1st Place ORIGINAL RESEARCH CATEGORY: Jessica Morse, DO & Joshua Dettinger, MD; Amy Dawson, MD, Chris Ley, MS, RN, NEA-BC, Michelle Bojrab, MS, RDN, CDPediatric Obesity: Efficacy of Group Visits

2nd Place ORIGINAL RESEARCH CATEGORY: Brianna Serbus, MD; Jana Sanders, MEn, Deborah McMahan, MD, Kailey Neff, Gregory Eigner, MD, Meg Wilson, PhDA Retrospective Analysis of Overdose Deaths in Allen County, 2008 - 2013                                                                                      


2nd Place ORIGINAL RESEARCH: Sarah Turner, MD, Jed Tompkins, DO; Steven Schwieterman, MD, Ravi Raju, MD. Prevalence of Iron Deficiency in Early Pregnancy

2nd Place PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT: Daniel Miller, MD, Gregory Dowling, MD; Aaron Coray, Chris Ley, NEA-BC. Reducing ER Recidivism

1st Place CASE PRESENTATION: Julia Ishak, MD; Steven Schwieterman, MD. Rare Form of CJD Diagnosed With Recent Radiological Advances: A Case Report


1st Place ORIGINAL RESEARCH CATEGORY: Justin Grannell, DO, Jason Tanner, MD; Meg Wilson, PhD, Deborah McMahan, MD, Jana Sanders, Men. Barriers Medical Professional Face when Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect


Christi HilleAwards, 2014, 2015