Doctor and medical equipment 


At FWMEP, you will have access to the full range of family medicine procedures, both office and surgical. Many specialists are available and willing to teach residents. Although all residents gain competency in certain basic procedures, the decision to pursue more advanced procedures, such as C-sections, is yours. The following is a summary of the many opportunities available; all of them can be taught by faculty.

Office – For a complete list, please see the “clinic” section. All common office procedures are taught, including: treadmills, biopsies, and vasectomies.

OB – A full range of surgical and non-surgical procedures, including: ultrasound, vaginal laceration repair, and C-sections. For details, please see the “OB” section.

Hospital – During inpatient and ER rotations, and while moonlighting, residents can gain extensive exposure to procedures, including: central lines, intubations, lumbar punctures, and laceration repair.

Scopes – A full range of scopes can be learned, including: colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, laryngoscopy, and nasopharyngoscopy. A sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy simulator is available at the residency clinic to help residents gain proficiency before seeing actual patients, or to perfect their skills once they have some experience.

Surgical – Faculty is also available to teach more involved surgical procedures.

Not all residents will pursue all procedures, but having the necessary access lets you decide. Being able to perform procedures can add significant reimbursement and variety to your future practice. However, to be competent and to obtain privileges, you must gain the necessary experience and numbers; at Fort Wayne we give you that opportunity.