Baby holding stethoscope with doctor



Residents will complete one block of inpatient pediatrics at Parkview Regional Medical Center during PGY1.  This block of training includes exposure to both common and complex problems found in hospitalized pediatric patients.

Working with neonatologists, the NICU block will give you exposure to all aspects of newborn care. Residents generally focus on stabilizing patients and managing common problems, including respiratory distress, feeding difficulties, and hyperbilirubinemia. Calculating fluid and calorie requirements will become second nature. Experience can also be gained with inserting umbilical catheters, intubation, and circumcisions.

Our Family Medicine inpatient service generally has 1-3 pediatric patients, giving you continuous exposure to inpatient pediatric medicine throughout your residency. During the four NHC (Neighborhood Health Clinics) OB blocks, residents also provide complete care for all newborns, including management of common conditions and circumcisions.


You will complete two blocks dedicated solely to outpatient pediatrics. You will also be responsible for the complete medical care of many pediatric patients on your own outpatient panel.

Lutheran Hospital is home to several pediatric specialty clinics, including cardiology, pulmonology, and endocrinology. Clinics are staffed by specialists from Indiana University or from right here in Fort Wayne, who are eager to teach residents.

Throughout your residency training, you can expect to have exposure to the full range of pediatric medicine. From newborns to adolescents, Fort Wayne will give you the training needed to feel comfortable taking care of the pediatric patient.