At FWMEP, OB/GYN remains an integral part of complete Family Medicine training. Residents will graduate having the confidence needed to manage and deliver their own OB patients once in practice.

Residents complete a total of five blocks of Obstetrics throughout their three years in the program. During these blocks, residents will become well versed in the management of labor and delivery. During the rotations, residents will have the opportunity to participate in and manage high-risk obstetrics through the Neighborhood Health Clinics (NHC).

The NHC serves a large number of low-income patients, including a large Hispanic population. During the NHC blocks, three half days per week are spent at the clinic itself doing exclusively prenatal care. At the clinic, residents will manage a large variety of conditions, including gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, high-risk exposures, fetal demise, and an assortment of routine and complex infections. Residents will quickly become comfortable with routine prenatal care, pelvic and cervical exams, and managing the vast majority of prenatal complications.

Residents can expect to gain experience in obstetrical procedures including: 

  • OB Ultrasound - complete screening as well as bedside

  • Vaginal laceration repair

  • Vacuum and Forceps deliveries

  • IUPC and fetal scalp electrode placement

Most first year residents average about 25 - 35 vaginal deliveries in the first year and about 65 - 75vaginal deliveries are completed during 3 years of residency training. Those residents who desire to pursue OB in their future practice can easily obtain more than 100 deliveries over the three years. For those who desire a greater knowledge in surgical obstetrics, there is opportunity to be trained and competently perform cesarean section deliveries with many Family Medicine and OB/GYN physicians in Fort Wayne.

Residents will also be assigned private OB patients through the Family Medicine Center. These patients are managed by the same resident throughout their pregnancy and are seen through their subsequent delivery.

Those residents with special interest in cesarean section delivery, and who complete greater than 50 surgical deliveries are awarded advanced obstetrical certification through the FWMEP. 

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