Colton Johnson, MD

Hi everyone! My name is Colton Johnson and I am a proud Hoosier and a Fort Wayne native, born at Parkview and initially growing up in my small town of ‘Busco., Turtle Town, USA,  and then Sweetser, IN. For undergrad, I went to IPFW, as well as moving down to New Orleans to do a couple semesters at the University of New Orleans, receiving my bachelors in Biology and Psychology. From there I went on to Saba University School of Medicine and now I’m back and as excited as ever to begin my practice where my story began.


The FWMEP program has an incredible reputation. I have met several of the Residents and the staff and have been very impressed. I am looking forward to gaining experience and additional education and am hoping to establish life-long friends, as well as colleagues. I appreciate how the program helps the community and there is no place I’d rather further my training. It is wonderful to be back in a city with so much life and growth as Fort Wayne and I truly look forward to becoming a part of this “happening” environment.  

 While I certainly feel blessed to be able to pursue a career in medicine, I also have many passions outside of the hospital and clinic. I enjoy spending time with my great family and friends, as well as spending as much time outdoors as I can.  I love scuba diving, although, since that is sort of tough to do in Indiana, I have morphed my love into sitting on the lake or hiking through the woods, connecting with nature.  When my competitive mind strikes, I also very much enjoy being terrible at golf.

 I truly value the opportunity to establish relationships with my patients, be back in this superb city, and to work with a tremendous group of human beings in this program.

Darlene Schultz