Evan Kroh, MD

It's good to be home! I am honored and thrilled to be in Fort Wayne for my medical training. After growing up on the southwest side, I moved far away to attend Pitzer College in southern California to study basic sciences in preparation for a career in medicine. My next stop was Seattle, WA where I spent close to five years in a research lab helping to develop a better way to diagnose cancer. The following four years took me to Grenada and Detroit for medical school, and now I'm back to learn family medicine with the Fort Wayne Medical Education Program.

Aside from medicine, I love: my wife, Sherry, Colts/Hoosier basketball victories, family vacations, potent coffee, casual social functions, dog walks, traveling to far-flung places, pick-up soccer games, hiking mountain trails, clean healthy eating, fireworks shows and sci-fi movies… roughly in that order.

My goal as a physician is to competently care for anyone who walks through my doors. I chose family medicine because my interests are varied, but above all I'm interested in empowering my patients with the knowledge and tools to better care for themselves. I see health as a joint endeavor and will always do what I can to help reach that goal. I am excited for the opportunity to learn with FWMEP. Their full spectrum program will develop in me the ability to treat the patient as a whole person, to see the countless connections throughout their lives, to instill good habits and to correct bad ones when appropriate and to treat individuals and families in the years ahead.

Alex Jonathan Brown