Alexandra Madigan, MD

Hi, my name is Allie Madigan and I’m so excited to be working in Fort Wayne. I’m a Midwest native at heart, hailing from Green Bay, Wisconsin. After high school I completed my undergraduate degrees at The University at Buffalo: a BS in Biomedical Sciences and a BA in Classics with an emphasis in Mediterranean Archaeology.

My time spent in college working as an EMT and shadowing other physicians helped me find my true calling in medicine and led me to medical school at St. George’s University. While at St. George’s I was able to experience an amazing culture and group of people on the island of Grenada. From there I spent two years doing clinical rotations at various hospitals in Brooklyn, NY.

I was drawn to Fort Wayne due to both the amazing program and a wonderful midwestern community that reminded me of home. Fort Wayne blew me away from the beginning with the dedication of the program’s staff and faculty to providing so many academic opportunities while fostering such a fantastic learning environment. Some of my interests in family medicine include: Geriatrics, Emergency Medicine, Global Health, Women’s Health and Preventative Medicine.

In my free time I enjoy singing, playing guitar, dancing and yoga. I’m also an avid reader and love curling up with a good novel and doing a bit of my own writing on the side.

Alex Jonathan Brown