Christopher Little, MD

I am a southern born, midwestern raised person of faith who is excited about serving the greater Fort Wayne Area in the discipline of medicine and beyond. I was born in Nashville, Tennessee and moved to Arkansas and Missouri before finally spending my middle and high school years in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. As a child of the 90's and early 2000's, lines and theme music from Doug, Hey Arnold, Toy Story, Lion King, and Home Alone (1 and 2) frequently swirl in my head.

My love of the weather narrowed down my choices for college to University of Oklahoma and University of Wisconsin. I chose to stay closer to home and attended University of Wisconsin and graduated with a Bachelors of Science, majoring in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (yes I have been storm chasing). During my undergraduate work, I spent a lot of time ministering at my church through music and helping mentor youth.

The draw to medicine has been there since high school, but my path toward being a family physician has had a few unexpected turns. Once my life was focused on being what I was designed to be, things quickly began to fall into place and I was accepted into Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, MI. The blessing of studying at Wayne State was seeing how different culture impacts health status and how health status impacts culture in both a positive and negative sense. Each patient is a not just a lesson in physiology and pathophysiology, but also a lesson in culture and life as a whole. This awareness of the interplay between board room and blood pressure, kitchen and clinic, the streets and the surgeon's table is what I hope to bring.

Outside of medicine and ministry, my interests are unique to the least. I am huge fan of the NBA (San Antonio Spurs Fan) and the NFL (Green Bay Packers). In college football, my dad and I support University of Michigan. Observing wild and amazing weather will always be a past-time for me. If you see a weather radar on a computer screen and I am in the vicinity, I was definitely using that 

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