Ryan Singerman, DO, Assistant Director

Hello! I am a Board Certified Physician in Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine with a passion towards holistic health and preventative medicine. I graduated from Fort Wayne Medical Education Program in 2014 after having completed medical school in Kentucky. Previous to that I did my undergrad in Campbellsville University and grew up in Benin, West Africa. Due to this varied background I also speak French fluently.

 In addition to being part time Faculty and instructing Family/Obesity/Osteopathic Medicine, I also serve full time with Parkview Physician's Group as a service line leader, family physician, and director of the weight and bariatric medicine program.

As a Doctor of Osteopathy I strive to follow the philosophy of whole-person medicine, treating mind, body, and spirit. I am proficient in Osteopathic Manipulation and regularly instruct all residents in that skill.

I am married to my wife JK and we have three children, Jacqueline, Darren, and Michael.

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