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Parkview Hospital - Sponsoring Hosptal

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Sponsoring Hospitals

Training takes place in three different hospitals. This provides exposure to a large variety of patients and conditions, with access to over 1000 hospital beds, thus making FWMEP one of the largest unopposed Family Medicine residency programs in the U.S. Each hospital has a somewhat distinct patient population, including several different racial groups. From inner city, low income patients to those who come from affluent neighborhoods, you will experience the full range of patients. In addition, you will see a greater number of physicians with their unique practice styles, all of which will add to your education.

There is only an 8½ mile distance between the two farthest hospitals, which translates to about eighteen minutes of driving time. Residents are based at only one hospital or clinic during each rotation and, therefore, do not usually need to travel to more than one hospital on any given day. Since residents are together during clinic time and Thursday didactics, as well as seeing each other in the hospitals, resident unity remains strong.

Two of the hospitals, Lutheran and St. Joe, are operated by the Lutheran Health Network; Parkview is owned by the Parkview Health Network. These two networks provide integral support for the residency and both also actively recruit residents to join practices in Fort Wayne and the surrounding counties following graduation. Each hospital has its own strengths to add to your education. The following are some highlights of each hospital:

Parkview Regional Medical Center
blank663 hospital beds
blankBrand new campus in 2012
blankLevel II trauma center
blankRegional heart center
blankda Vinci Robotic Surgery
blankIntensive Care – medical, surgical, pediatric, neonatal
blankSpecialty floors include Diabetic, Neurology, and Telemetry
blankProvides residents with a full range of inpatient, pediatric, OB, & Emergency Room experiences

Lutheran Hospital;
>396 hospital beds
>Level II trauma center
>Heart & kidney transplant center
>da Vinci Robotic Surgery
>Intensive Care – medical, pediatric, neonatal
>Home to Lutheran Children’s Hospital
>Over 75 Pediatricians, practicing in 27 areas of pediatric specialty
>More than 20 outpatient clinics
>Provides residents with a full range of medical experience

St. Joseph Hospital
>191 hospital beds
>Newly remodeled ER & OB department
>Regional Burn Center, one of only 170 such centers in North America ICU, NICU
>Behavioral Health unit
>Provides residents with a large amount of OB and newborn experience as all
blankNeighborhood Health Clinic patients deliver here

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